Teerin Honorfist

Gino's familiar

Type: Demonic Physical look: Miniature Minotaur Personality: Charitable

This is a familiar specifically sent from the nether regions, an outside plane, or in exchange for favors performed by a supernatural patron. The demonic familiar has an alien cast to its features. A demonic familiar has these traits:

• A sensitivity to corruption and negative energy. Any time the wizard rolls a 1 on a spell check which results in corruption, the familiar automatically absorbs half the effect of the corruption, rounding down in the wizard’s favor. For example, if corruption resulted in loss of 1 point of Strength, the familiar would lose 1 Strength and the wizard would be unaffected. If the result were a loss of 2 Strength, both the familiar and the wizard would each lose 1 Strength.

• A claim to the wizard’s soul. If the wizard dies while the familiar still lives, the wizard’s soul is claimed by the familiar. The wizard then cohabitates the familiar’s body for all eternity (or until the familiar’s physical form is slain). If the appropriate magic is performed, the wizard’s soul may be transferred to another physical form.

• An immunity to many mortal diseases, poisons, and infections. As a result of this, the wizard gains a +4 bonus to Fortitude saving throws against any kind of infection, poison, disease, or other debilitating effect. Additionally, any effect that bypasses this improved protection is split between the wizard and familiar (rounding down in the wizard’s favor). For example, if the wizard is afflicted by a spider bite that causes him to lose 2 Stamina, the familiar loses 1 Stamina and the wizard loses 1 Stamina. If the Stamina loss were only 1 point, only the familiar would be affected.

• Has 6 HP • An attack at +2 that does 1d4 points of damage.