Temple of Smoke and Ash

Smoke Vulture (2) - Init +2; Atk peck +2 (1d4+1) or vomit +4 (1d3 burning); AC 15; HD 2d8+2 (10hp); MV 20' Fly 60'; Act 1d20; SP vomit 1/turn, bleeds smoke, dissipates into smoke when slain; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +0; AL N

A smoke vulture can vomit a glob of hot, viscous, tar-like substance once per turn. This sticky substances causes burn wounds, even through armour, although it does not ignite substances. It lasts for 2d4 rounds, doing 1d3 damage per round, with a DC 12 Fort save being made each round, with saving indicating half damage. The victim can spend a turn to scrape the tar off with a dagger or something similar.

When struck with an edge weapon, the vulture emits a pressurized blast of smoke. If struck in melee, the attacker must make a DC 10 Fort save or begin choking, suffering -1 to all rolls until the next turn.

Vargouilles (4) - Init +2; Atk bite +1 (1d4 + poison); or Kiss +1 (special); AC 12; HD 1d8+1 (5hp); MV Fly 30'; Act 1d20; SP poison, transmormative kiss, paralyzing scream; SV Fort -2, Ref +4, Will 0; AL C

Paralyzing Scream: Vargouilles will open an attack by collecting emitting a horrible shriek. Those that hear it must make a DC 10 Will save or be paralyzed for 1d4 rounds or until attacked.

Kiss: Vargouilles can attempt to kiss a target. Automatically hits against paralyzed targets. They must make a DC 10 Fort save or start slowly transforming into a Vargouille (lose hair after 1d6 hours). See Planescape Monstrous Compendium Appendix p115

Poison: When bitten, victim must make a DC 12 Fort save, or the damage dealt can only be healed by magical means

Smoke Spiders (4) - Init +0; Atk bite +2 (1d4+1); AC 14; HD 2d8 (8hp); MV 40' Climb 40'; Act 1d20; SP smoke explosion upon death; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will 0; AL N

These spiders feed on heat and fire, and are extremely territorial. They will try and eat/take sources of heat: torches, lanterns, candles. They will only attack people in self-defense, or in defense of their territory.

They weave webs made of smokey ash, in which they live. When slain the explode violently into a large cloud of smoke, filling a 20'x20' area. Those within must make a DC 10 Fort save or begin choking, suffering -1 to all attack rolls for the next turn. These effects are cumulative.

Wispy Guardian Skeletons (8) - Init +0; Atk claw +0 melee (1d3) or by weapon +0 melee; AC 9; HD 1d6 (3hp); MV 30'; Act 1d20; SP un-dead, half damage from piecing and slashing weapons; SV Fort +0, Ref +0, Will +0; AL C


LeadeR (1): 3HD - 14hp - Attack +3 longsword (1d8 dg)



Smoke Bombs: gelatinous balls of black. When thrown they explode into a cloud of smoke, covering a 20'x20' area. Those within must make a DC 12 Fort save or begin choking, suffering -2 to all rolls/checks for 1d4+2 rounds

Pipes & Pipeweed: + will saves

Eversmoking Bowl: Constant source of heat, chaotic holy relic (+2 to divine spellchecks nearby)

Incense & Censer - can part the wall of fire