Xrif Xrif (PPC 35) - : Init +5; Atk burrow +8 melee (1d6 + special); AC 18; HD 5d8; MV teleport 30’; Act 1d20 special; SP create host (upon successful burrow, DC 16 Ref save to avoid becoming host), pinch host’s liver (1d4 dmg, -2 all rolls for one turn), area attacks gain +6 to hit, ESP for 50’. SV Fort +0, Ref +4, Will +6; AL C.

Critical hits by a xrif do an additional 1d6 damage and burrowing is automatic (no Reflex save). On a fumble the xrif misinterprets thoughts of its attackers, who get +2 to hit on their next attack

Their small size and mind-reading ability make them difficult to hit, though area attacks gain a +6 bonus.

A small white squirming worm-like creature covered in barbs, hooks, and claws. It undulates in the air as if floating, and tends to target individuals with low Luck scores.

Xrif are highly intelligent and can read the minds of any life form within 50 feet; however, they can only converse with each other. One communicates with its host by clamping down on the host’s liver, causing severe pain and distraction.


Once a xrif gains a host, extraction is difficult, but possible. If the dying sun reduces the host’s stamina more than 8 points before healing, the xrif will leave voluntarily, fearing imprisonment in the host.

A cleric may lay on hands for 4 dice of healing, or cast a DC 20 banish spell, treating the xrif as a mundane creature (due to the sun’s radiation).

Wizards may planar step (DC 18) the host away from the xrif, cast monster summoning (DC 26) to extract it, or cast scare (DC 22, plus Will save) to frighten it.

Finally, one may make a Celgu potion, requiring a DC 32 make potion check, plus Oneit mushroom meat and the powdered paddle of a Death Orm. Imbibing the potion causes 3d5 damage, but the xrif dies upon leaving the host.

Physically cutting out the xrif will work, but this may kill the host (DC 19 Fortitude save)