Gino launches grenade, Adinyat sets grease bridge on fire, and party pushes their way out of the lair. Trying to flee, they discover another large group threatening to cut them off. Trying to hide, it seems that something was following them and gave away their position.

Running along the back tunnels, the part makes it to the large chamber, and sees more grey dwarves there, one riding on the back of one of the spiders. WarFire uses his Thrice-Blasting Ring, killing eight dwarves outright, and causing a partial collapse of the room. Elkin summons a choking cloud to cut off the other part of the room, and the party escapes

Back in Hazkorin, Zofna gives Blair the leather pouch with a maple leaf in it, and buys everyone a round of ale. He recommends the party not to bring the chicken or a donkey with them, as animals that enter Krigala seem to become wild. He says the same could happen to the goat, but notes that the goat does seem special somehow.

He says he will leave for Krigala himself in three days, and if the party is ready by then they can accompany him.