> Warkhal: Can he flip Simas some coins when they part, not enough to buy a milk though. Like an annoyingly small amount.

Simas grumbles but takes the coins

> He is pretty fond of the little gross gnomes, but if he doesn’t think the mushrooms are poisonous and I’m guessing he has done all the usual tests: Rubbing the mushrooms on the hanks skin, rubbing some into any of their gross sores, let them eat a tiny amount, then sure he’ll let them try some. They might even have some fun hallucinations or turn blue or something. He’ll try and not let them eat too many though, they still might be poisonous…. Also he’d like to science this, and let each Hank eat a certain type of mushroom

Most of them have no reactions, other than enjoying eating the shrooms. After, several minutes after eating one of them, one of them seems stunned - it's pupils dilate wildly, and it mostly just stands there. If you pull it on the leash it follows, but otherwise just continues to stand there.

As for the creepy grove that is likely a trap... well he knows we’re in the down phase of our adventure and this is also likely a chance to get a baller quest or at least a Darth Vader in the tree scene, so he’ll go in. He is interested in what is inside because it’s scaring away nature and he is a ranger that hates nature, so whatever it is, he’d like to talk to it

He might find a friend in there… or death by some form of angry haunted tree. Either way sounds fun

> If the Hanks aren’t tripping balls or creeped out by the grove they can come too, if they are scared/high he’ll tie them up and smoosh some beetles into paint so they can finger paint while he’s gone

The hanks are freaked out by the grove, and refuse to follow Warkhal. After stepping several meters into the grove, the scene shifts, the ground replace by ancient dull gray tiles, and the trees replaced by tall grey pillars, and heaps of stacked cylinders. On top of the cylindars are grotesques with the arms and eyes raised up to the sky. In various places a symbol is embedded in the ground: A unicorn with two heads below a crescent moon. In the center of the grove is a crescent-shaped pool, filled with a viscous, black liquid. As you approach, it heaves and sighs.

[23:09] MichaelW: Blair: He looks upon this goose and feels the raw heat of its warrior soul. He starts trying to gain its friendship by bribing it with its favourite food, slowly giving it more and drawing it closer to him. He’ll do this for a few days so the goose gets used to him.

He’ll ask the farmer if the goose has a particular nemesis, if the goose does he’ll set up a situation where the enemy is introduced to the courtyard and Blair tries to help the goose chase the nemesis off. Showing how they can work together.

> If the goose has no nemesis, he’ll bribe Simas to be the nemesis.

> This option seems the most fun, maybe if we dress Simas like a giant rival goose for extra chaos.

(As for the dreams, it was the dreams in signpost, they seemed demonic and I thought Sir Effington could be a good source of information to chase any potential quests connected to those dreams….but we already have a good few leads for our quests and Blair has a goose so we can drop this idea )