Alternative XP

We're using a different XP system than in the DCC RPG rulebook. The original system rewards putting yourself into danger. This alternative system rewards exploration and cleverness, and disincentivizes pointless combat.

Characters gain XP from recovered treasure. XP is rewarded at a rate of one XP per gold piece value of the item. Most XP will come from treasure.

A token amount of XP is granted for overcoming enemies. Overcoming means killing them, avoiding them, scaring them off, or otherwise rendering them non-threatening. The XP granted is based on the strength of the enemies encountered.

At the end of the adventure, all XP is summed and then divided amongst the surviving characters.

The Judge may also grant XP for completing quests and goals. This XP is not divided amongst the characters.

This system may mean that for several sessions very little XP is rewarded. But once a large amount of treasure is found, a large of mount of XP can be granted.

Levelling Rate

Level Orig Xp New Xp
1 10 250
2 50 2000
3 110 4000
4 190 8000
5 290 16000
6 410 32000
7 550 64000
8 710 128000
9 890 384000
10 1090 640000

How to Convert from DCC RPG


newXP = newCurrLimit + ((newNextLimit - newCurrLimit) * oldCurrXP/oldNextLimit)



Fristu has 242 XP. That means he's level 4 in the old system. He needs 290 to reach level 5. With the new system, to reach level 4, one needs 8000 XP. To reach level 5, one needs 16000 XP.

Therefore the calculation is 8000 + ((16000-8000) * 242/290) or 8000 + (8000 * 0.83)