Session 1 - Portal Under the Stars - 2019-02-20


Jonathas: 145 cp to distribute Guilherme (the naked) - Orb Pablo Vittar Marlon Bob (RIP)

Ricardo: - 123cp to distribute Javier Fernando (RIP) Jonathas Rice (RIP) Guilio Corn - 2 gems The Mighty Summan - demonic snake horn, 2 gems

Niklas: - 130 cp to distribute Doron (RIP) Tarnguy (RIP) Lester - 27 gems Arden

Tim: - 127 cp to distribute Gloweguru - 2 gems Mr Dealer - Grimoire, Demonic Contract AXE (RIP) ??? (RIP)

XP: 15

Treasure notes:

Demonic snake horn - When Ssisssuraaaaggg is killed, its body dissolves into ash, leaving only the demonic horn behind. The horn can be used to commune with a demon, and when meditated upon (DC 12 spell check), confers access to the spell invoke patron.

Small gems/crystals: 10sp each

Orb - The crystal globe emits an ongoing light. It is worth 200 gp as a work of art. A wizard who unlocks its secrets (DC 18 spell check plus study time and arcane consultation) un- derstands that he can use it as a scrying ball. Such a wizard can view a location he has seen or has reference to (e.g., can view a creature whose lock of hair he possesses); DC 18 spell check to activate for 1d6 rounds; -2 penalty for each consecutive use in a day. However, once every 1d8 days, an alien countenance appears in the ball to look back at the wizard. These are the extraplanar benefactors of the war- wizard, who taught him to use this crystal globe to guide his astral projection, and who occasionally use it to look upon the mortal realm. See also area 9.

Grimoire - TODO

Demonic Contract - TODO