Session 6 - Stonehell #1 - 2019-04-17

Judge: Richard

10 XP


April - Corazon the Witness, Cleric of Ildavir

David Ilumino Jicama Pepito Jaguar Guerrero (RIP)

Mathilde - Anna, the Wicked Witch

Bezi Zed Helium The Smuggler Lactose Intolerant Joker

Ghonche - Credit Rick, the Halfling

Thyago - Stenio Gardesh, the Fearless

Party partially explored the gatehouse and the area beyond. Killed one goblin, wrote "creature" on the door to room #4 in the gatehouse. Left stinky cheese on floor of room #2. Attacked the Statue of St. Ras with a crowbar.