Session 8 - Stonehell #3 - 2018-04-22

Judge: Richard

Mathilde - Anna

Bezi - The Merchant, Wizard

Ghonche - Creditrick

Valentin - Thor Jr

Nicolas Thomason Pippin (RIP - killed by a battering ram trap) Gordon

April - Corazon

Alexis Portos (RIP - mauled by a wolf) Aramis Atos

Adrian - Etrie the Dwarf

Explored more of the canyon. Killed two wolves in the wolf cave, chased the other two off. Anna stole wolf cub. Looted Coal's cave, mountain lion cave, wolf cave.

Started exploring adventurer's hangout, knocked some stones down from sagging roof.

Pippin killed by kobold log trap.

Found heatsink devices, tried to extract. Saw bandit up the hill