August 28th

Niklas DM


April (left early)





Dreamt of Lady in Blue, who promised us a way to find our own fate which has been denied to us. Wandered to the cliff, ate a weird feast, set out on a floating bridge over the ocean. Storm blew some people into the water. Attacked by bird-lizards. Found portal into a pocket dimension and entered.

Easily defeated strange camo-boars, and found a strange spikey, black structure. Upon entering, a giant evil pumpkin was encountered, who would eat three party members, though it expressed remorse at doing so.

Finding a side passage, the party entered into a room of rotting leaves and twigs. Attacked by a strange compost-man, they chase it up a passage, murdering it and finding a ladder. Climbing upwards, they encounter more of the creatures, as well as a crazy dwarf. Murdering ensues. Climbing further, they find a secret stash of equipment, including the spear "Foresight", which can kill the sleeping titan. Climbing up further, they reach the top of the chamber, and can descend down to a large cage.

Encountering drezzta, they try to free her, but one person dies in the attempt. After freeing her, she turns into the chaos lord raxaha (?), and flies away, after killing the giant pumpkin thing. The pocket dimension collapses, and the party is transported back to the cliff with the blue lady.

Survivors get a spin at the wheel, most of them becoming different forms of themselves. Fate shines poorly for Starfish, who went on to leave a boring life of an urchin, but in his stead, Marty was resurrected.