Mittwoch, 11. September 2019

DM: Niklas

From Niklas:

Ok! I did a bit of my own plot for Drezzta, explained below (I came up with this actually already for last adventure but didn’t act it out since there was little time), based on how I understand the Chaos philosophy:- If character clearly indicated support for Chaos / Lady in Blue, she will resurrect a dead character (has to be Chaotic, and will be brainwashed) in case someone died that a player had strong attachment to- If too many players are left, Drezzla will say: “How adorable. Such innocent creatures. But I see some of you have not made a choice. You long for meaning and importance, but haven’t decided which side you’re on. I offer you a choice now: if you offer eternal service to our master, the one you know as the Lady in Blue, I will grant you one wish. Cut yourself and drip blood from your hand, and say the word ‘I offer my eternal service to Raxahrrah.’ C’mon loves, don’t be shy. There is a lot you can do with one wish.” The players that decide not to do it, Drezzla will kill in cold blood. To the rest of the players, she will say: “(Smiles) So adorable, you really heard too many petty children’s stories and think a simple drip of blood will invoke powerful magic. So adorable. Well, let me tell you - your wish is, you live. And let me tell you the first lesson what it means to walk our way: there is no commitment or eternal service. You’re free to choose. You are the master of your destiny. You can make the world subservient to you. You can gain powers beyond your imagination. Petty promises don’t mean anything. If you are stronger, you decide who lives and who dies. You can do as you please. Sound fun? Well, you made the right choice and you will see the power of the order of Chaos. Farewell, loves.”Ryan: