Sunday 2020-03-29


Went to the town of Kielo, a seaside town, in the middle of a festival. During the festival, water levels recede, revealing a previously inaccessible cave on Larvik Island. Locals kept talking about the "treasure" of Larvik Island, but none were specific about it. A sage asked us if we could investigate, and told us about a second cave on the island. A councilman offered us 100gp to rescue his son, who went to the island with a bunch of ruffians from Malmo. He seemed like a jerk. We didn't agree.

We rented a boat and made it to the island without event. We landed on a beach on the southwest side, where we found a strange obelisk (TODO: What does it say?). There was another boat there, with a hole through it. While investigating (TODO: Finish investigating that boat!) we were attacked by giant pincer crabs. After, we followed a path north towards a large hill. We hid our boat in the bushes. At the top of the hill was a nest of giant birds, who also attacked us. But they had captured Hofgen's son, Lodgar.

Lodgar had a not-super-helpful abstract map, more a drawing of a triangle with three lines converging at the center of the points. We theorized that the points are obelisks, and that the second cave or treasure may lie at this point. We spent the night on the hill, and observed two campfires. In the morning we set out in the direction of one of them, encountering the ruffians from Malmo. They attacked us, but we killed them and took one Elf, Vivi, as prisoner. He was suffering from some kind of horrible mouldy affliction, but Marty (or Falcone?) healed him. He claimed it came from strange mouldy creatures that were prevalent on the eastern part of the island. We tied Vivi up and brought him with us.

We followed some tracks to the north, and found that scene in 2001 Space Odyssey with the obelisks and the apes, but the apes (actually goblins?) attacked us. We dispatched them, and then checked out the obelisk: (TODO)

Then we decided to head south, to see what we could find. We ended up back at the beach, and explored eastwards from there, heading towards an obelisk near the cave to the south east. We found an abandoned camp and decided to check it out. In an old stable we were attacked by zombies and a zombie bull, but we put them back to rest. We returned to the hill to camp again.

Xp: 12 Treasures: some coins