April DM

2020-04-02 - The Arwich Grinder


While at the tavern, a strange fat, naked man stumbled in and died. He was clutching the bonnet of Bessy Curwyn, and he had a strange wound on his neck. Realising the Curwyn family could be in trouble, we grabbed our pitchforks and torches and headed to their house, deep in the Arwich Wood. They had, after all, fed the town during the famine several years prior, and we were all grateful.

En route to the house, we were attacked by two more of these fat, naked men. We clubbed them, and noticed that they had had their tongues cut out.

We made it to the Curwyn estate, but it was eerily quiet. Only a faint candlelit in an upper window could be seen. We used a cow to bash their front door in, and began exploring their house. Parts of it looked long abandoned - the books were mouldy. We eventually found Uncle Charles, we believe. He was delirious and seemed confined to his bed. He asked us about where his pigs were. Ustri Breadmuncher had a revelation - the fat naked men were the pigs. The famine! They had fed us these people! SOYLENT GREEN IS PEOPLE

Behind his bookshelf, we found a secret butchery room, and door in the floor leading to a tunnel underground. We decided to check out the upper floor first. We found rooms that were maintained, including rooms for children, toys and cribs and all. In one room we found a crazy woman, she had the candle. She attacked us, and we ended her torture. She seemed like she was potentially used for breeding.

We found a secret door to the attic, where we were attacked by a weird ass semi-transparent demon. It killed Hreyporuoru Hair and vomited on Naomi, who disintegrated

To be continued...

XP: 10 Treasures: 21 pieces of jewelry, not from this area, and 4 gems