Level 1

Level 1

Created föstudagur 04 september 2020

*Gorby son of Gorbax*, halfling

Set up in berserker's rooms Spent gold on nice furniture, set alarm bell traps down the halls Has: Gems (blue jasper: 100gp, small malachite: 25gp, red zircon: 250gp)

*Kiltax son of Igby*

Set up in Sorcha Priestess's quarters, worshipping Sorcha, becoming a bit weird All coins: minted with a halfling face on them, "Mint of Brookton" On him: 30cp Stashed: 2000cp (1x necklace, 1x bracelet, 300 coins) hidden under Sorcha, 1500gp (one gold bar, gold ring, 500 coins) hidden in secret hallway Paid Malfreces Nul to have undead not enter this place

*Cranium rats* have started moving in

*Kobold* quarters completely abandoned; signs of battle and fire. Door to the Crypts left open, undead wandering in.