Temple of Chaos

Temple of Chaos

Created föstudagur 04 september 2020

Balmug and Yvis's Temple of Chaos

Two Lords of Chaos, attracted to the temple due to its thinner border between worlds. They have been instructed by Jeanne to build an army of undead and demons with which to strike out at the civilized lands and enslave/murder. They kidnap people and sacrifice them to increase their own power and standing, then resurrect them as undead.

They commune telepathic with Jeanne, who spends her time partly in Hell, partly deep in Stonehell, colluding with the Nixthisis

Goals: Enlist Malfreces Nul; sacrifice victims to increase power; spread Chaos

The branding of the temple is an upsidedown, cracked arrow head.

Red Acolytes: Low-level clerics in training, bodyguards, fodder. All have brandings of the temple on them (some hidden, some not).