City of Hazkorin

Situated on the shorts of Lake Olif, Hazkorin is a walled city of about 10000 people. It is the seat of the Kingdom of Norkuling. The river Olthääz runs from the lake through the city.

Hazkorin is on the edge of civilisation, surrounded by unknown and dangerous lands. The only safe road is to the west, where trade with realms occurs.

The King is Khjärutät the Red, a mostly reclusive, hands-off ruler, sometimes spoken of as the Mad King in hushed voices in the back rooms of taverns. The city is ruled by the Council of Hazkorin, an opaque political structure accessible only to the nobility and the wealthy. The Council is headed by the Mayor, currently one Khuirikaz, who is known for his love of coin and drink.

Hazkorin is neither an economic center nor a regional military power. The city is mostly self-sufficient, and most trade that occurs is internal.


Districts are sorted by relative wealth.

North of the river:

South of the river:


All services you would expect in a medieval city of 10000 people are present.

Most trade goods are standard. Crafters capable of producing exceptional quality are not present in Hazkorin.

Royal Library

A small library is maintained in the castle. Access can be paid for at a rate of 50gp per day. Those living in squalid or poor conditions are denied access. For those folks, one can hire a sage.

Tunlaulo the Sage

Tunlaulo is a local sage who offers knowledge in exchange for gold. Simple questions can range between 10gp to 500gp. He can also perform research, with a day rate of between 100gp and 500gp, depending on the research required.

Temples and Shrines

Tiny shrines to almost all gods can be found in Hazkorin. Some are nothing more than an alcove in a back alley. Temples are fewer, but include: