Using a detonation rod, Gino clears out the grey dwarves ahead of the party, and they escape, back towards the flaming skeleton. Scouting ahead, invisibly, Elkin spots another large group of grey dwarves blocking off their route back upstairs. Attempting to hide, it seems that they were followed, and their stalker gives their position away. The party flees rapidly along back tunnels, eventually making their way to a large chamber where the dwarves were guarding teh path, including one riding on the back of a giant spider. "Die by Fire!" shouts WarFire, and his Thrice-Blasting Ring emits a large fireball, exploding amongst the group guarding the hallway. All are slain; a column is broken, the ceiling partially collapsing in the middle of the room. Elkin summons a choking cloud to cut off the other part of the room, and the party escapes back up to the surface.

Making it back to Hazkorin, Zofna buys the party a round of ale and tells them about Krigala. He also mentions that if they are ready to leave within three days' time, he will accompany them. He recommends they leave the giant chicken behind, and not to bring any pack animals. Those who enter Krigala go wild, and become hard to control. They are also easy prey. Staring at the Not-A-Goat, he doesn't know what to expect.

To prep


Zofna is meeting Aaronatok, to deliver the news of Sfersutsild