(Human, prime (Athas), male, priest) Level: 11 Alignment: Lawful Neutral Strength: 12, Constitution: 13 Dexterity: 14, Wisdom: 17 Intelligence: 14, Charisma: 16 HP: 46, AC: 2 PSP: 52 Special: Spells: Major access to Earth, Minor access to Cosmos, Turn Undead, Ignore presence of Earth, Gate material from plane of Earth, Conjure Earth elementals Wild Talent : Dimensional Door Magical Items: Studded Leather armour +3, Ring of Protection +2, Mace of Disruption +2, Staff of Striking, Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location, Ring of Infravision, Speak with animals once per day (lions)

Aaronatok lost the power struggle within the Verdant Guild, and was forced to relinquish leadership of the guild to Karleona after having held it for over a decade. He took this badly, and still feels that his view of how to combat the Vile Hunt is correct. As such, he refuses to acknowledge Karleona's leadership. Aaronatok took his followers into the Beastlands themselves, and is not known to have left them since. As such, the primal changes the plane makes on people have had plenty of time to work on him; Aaronatok resembles an owl. Some people who have met him recently have found his appearance cause for amusement - a human with feathers like an owl who wears a lion's mask. Doing so is unwise, however, as Aaronatok is no longer particularly well balanced.

Aaronatok comes from an obscure prime material world called Athas. Quite how he wound up on the planes is unknown (and he seems unwilling to divulge the information), but all reports indicate that Athas is a barren world, and Aaronatok was amazed and awed by the majesty of nature that is the Beastlands.

However, although his passion for nature was clear to all (which had made him a popular leader of the guild), his handling of the Vile Hunt crisis was poor. Aaronatok remains convinced that the only way the defeat the Hunt is to protect the Beastlands themselves against attack. Consequently, he leads his followers over the plane, waiting for reports of the Hunt to arrive in order that they might track the Hunt down from where they have struck. For more information, see the Current Chant.

Source: https://mimir.net/sects/wylders.shtml