Vile Hunt with Yeth Hounds

Random Names

Symath Eosbryn Aeward Waltin Bertom Thurey Geddye Reder Ofgear Thury Genwiu - Agathinon of Ulesh

Hilda Ahburg Burhe Joane Ellen Borne Joyce Efrin Aldred Brytha Burga



In Signpost, Elkin plants his ash tree in the backyard of Dreamhearth. Doing a ritual to The King of Elfland while casting Enlarge, the tree grows substantially, becoming lush with greenery. Elkin and Symas go and find another ash shrubbery outside of Signpost.

The party departed, making their way towards the great river, searching for a portal to Elysium. En route, Symas becomes quite sick. After being healed by WarFire, he coughed out a strange blue-eel-creature, whom the others then drowned in a sack of beer.

Later they encountered an emissary of Ulesh, named Genwiu, a strange looking man with pale blue skin. He stopped to exchange news. He hailed from Ulesh's realm on Mount Celestia, and was travelling to Signpost to meet with Sarazh. Upon seeing Ecix, he remarked that he stay with several gnomes en route while in the land of Dothion. He said they made the best beer he's ever had.

Upon seeing Symas's cricket, he also remarked that he heard a strange rumour while in the gnome village - they had a visitor, half beetle, half man, and the rumour was that this visitor wielded the legendary sword Shadeslayer, a blade capable of seeing through any deception!

Parting ways, the party made their way into the forest. Encountering the red frog again, it was surprised to see that Symas was still alive. After hearing that the blue worm thing was killed, it became enraged and attacked. A solid shot from Blair's crossbow was enough to cause it to disintegrate into grey ooze.

Wandering some more, the party finds a hollow inside a giant sequoia and step through