crystal dagger from river ghouls: Blade of the Moon


Exploring the southwest corner of the dungeon, the party found a root ladder leading to the outside world - a different forest, one light by the moving moon, definitely not the Beastlands. Returning back into the dungeon, they are greated by an illusory wizard, who greets them: "Welcome to the realm of ... the Imperishable. Please await ... in the provided ... For your own safety, do not ..." before fading away.

Exploring another room, they find strange animal statues and a metal room with a lever. But before exploring the room, they hear Raminus yell from behind them, "hey! what are you doing there?" - turns out they were being stalked by a weirdo old man, similar to the illusion. He eventually introduces himself as Hazrad, and he seems quite eccentric. Upon hearing that the gnomes were all killed, he leaves towards their lair. Axe stalks him, but as Hazrad rounds a corner, he seemingly disappears.

WarFire explores the room with the lever - the first triggers a boulder track, crushing one of the hanks. Another turns the royal statues to gold temporarily. Others make noises but have no obvious effect. And yet another swaps the minds of WarFire and Gokhal, forming Warkhal the Amused and Go-Fire the Disgusted.

Checking out the other room with the weird door, Gino is attacked by four black skeletons. In a bid of desperation he enlarges himself, becoming Gino the Stomper. Ködel charms one of the skeletons and gains a new friend, while the other three are killed.

Exploring another tunnel to the north, they find black ivy, which Go-Fire burns away. Stairs lead up into a large black jungle, with a gigantic bronze statue of a fat, smiling man. Being the statue is a sapphire-bejewelled platinum chalice. Axe touches it, and then evil tree babies attack the party, but they are easily dispatched.