Verdant Guild

Leader: Aaronatok, human, elemental cleric, NG; wants to patrol beastlands for Vile Hunt

Founded by Angeliika Silvermane



The Current Chant

All of the stories currently circulating about the Verdant Guild concern its internal divisions. Although the change of leadership was known to most people (at least, to most of those who pay attention to events) within a few days of it occurring, just how badly Aaronatok took his defeat was not. The Guild played down Aaronatok's actions as much as they could. However, three months ago the inevitable happened, and it became open knowledge that Aaronatok was refusing to acknowledge Karleona's leadership, and had formed a splinter group based on the Beastlands. More recently, it has become clear that this splinter group is very nearly in large in number as those who follow Karleona.
The sect is clearly split almost exactly in two; behind either Karleona or Aaronatok. Which one a Wylder follows depends upon their view on how to act against the Vile Hunt. Those who favour an open war with the Hunt support Karleona; those who believe that they must protect the Beastlands against the Hunt as a priority support Aaronatok. Neither leader is willing to speak to the other, and it appears that the chances of a reconciliation are fading, despite the efforts of both the Signers and the Sensates to foster just such an event.
As mentioned, Karleona is based in Faunel, at Home. Aaronatok dwells on the Beastlands, roaming the plane with those who follow him. They tend to travel to an area, set up a temporary encampment for a few days (at most a week), then move on again, occasionally travelling for more then a fortnight before next camping. This roaming army (for in practice that is what it is, waiting until the Vile Hunt appear so that it can go to war with them) is probably the closest thing that the Beastlands has ever seen to a permanent settlement, and has acquired the nickname Sanctuary.
Impartial observers believe that matters are rapidly coming to a head within the Verdant Guild. The deep split between the two leaders of the sect is widening, and many people have predicted that it is only a matter of time before the Guild, currently the largest and oldest sect, tears itself in two. The biggest crisis in the sect's history is almost upon them, and many believe that the sect cannot survive it, at least not in its present form. Already some refer to the Defenders of the Wild (Aaronatok's faction) and the Crusaders of Nature (Karleona's faction). Those that do so clearly believe that the Wylders will shortly fragment into two completely separate sects.

The Dark

Virtually all the stories circulating about the troubles within the Wylders are true (the only ones that contain no truth are the ones that state that followers of the two leaders are openly fighting; matters have not degenerated that far. Yet). There is little effort being made within the faction to keep it together, as most of those with influence in one or the other faction are unwilling to talk with their rivals. Both the Signers and the Sensates are desperately trying to persuade the two sides to meet and discuss their differences, and to find a mutually agreeable settlement. They are also sending messengers between the two sides, and hiring couriers to carry messages across the Beastlands.
Meanwhile, Karleona has been uncovering more and more of the Vile Hunt. Her actions have actually hurt the Hunt (which is a young sect, and fairly small in numbers) quite badly, and they have begun countermeasures. These come in three main types; promoting the split in the Wylders (which includes sabotaging the Signer / Sensate peace talks); hiding its most powerful members where Karleona can't find them (many have relocated to the Lower Planes, or gate-towns to the Lower Planes, although Karleona has sent a few groups of mercenaries after Hunt members in these places) and putting spies into the Wylders. This last tactic is beginning to pay dividends. Sanctuary contains two Hunt spies, and they have recently managed to place a spy in Home. These agents not only can report back on the plans of the two Wylder groups, but can also encourage the disintegration of the sect.