Verdant Guild



After entering Signpost, the party was directed the Wild Claw, run by one Konnat One-Hand, the tavernmaster. His servant, Kid, serves the beer and food.

Shortly after arriving, Grica, came to meet them, and introduced them to the Sign of One. She had a strange appearance, pale white, wrinkly-rolly skin. No animal traits, unlike everyone else. Blair told his story about the Not-A-Goat. Grica became interested, and invited him to stay at Dreamhearth, a large fancy lodge in the middle of the town.

During dinner, they were approached by Wolda, who was curious because they had talked with Zofna. Learning that the party wasn't already members of the Verdant Guild, he asked if they were either interested in joining, or interested in working for them, in order to help hunt down the Vile Hunt. He offered to guide the party to Faunel, where the Vile Hunt are active. He agreed to return in one week (he apparently doesn't like it here in Signpost), at which point he'll guide the party to Faunel, if they're interested.

After Wolda departed, Zofna approached the table again, apparently watching from a corner. Explained that the Vile Hunt aren't much of a threat, and that the demons are a bigger threat, and efforts should be spent counteracting them, and stopping the Vile Hunt reactively. He also explained that this has caused a split in the Verdant Guild, with some people following Karleona (who wants to actively engage the Vile Hunt), and others, like Zofna, following Aaronatok (who wants to protect against worse threats).

The rest of the week in Signpost was variously spent: