Exploring a bit further, the party found the nest of the giant lizards. In it, there were six eggs, and a strange ring made of bone, shaped like intertwining sheafs of wheat, which flung itself at WarKhal, increasing his stamina. Ködel then decided to explore down the river. Descending wearing just his pants, carrying his holy symbol, the blue serpent blade, and Jorg's golden amulet, he was lowered down the river by the party. After a while, the rope went slack, cleanly cut by something.

Trying to investigate what happened, Blair very carefully climbed along the river's edge, and then down a waterfall. Behind the fall he round a ledge with a strange, serpent-carved obsidian door, apparently with no means of egress. Unable to find a way in, and unable to safely continue or find Ködel, the party retired, exploring more of this strange place under the tree.

They found a strangely silent room with a circle of stone chairs, and a collection of red candles. Another room contained a pack of glowing giant beetles, who were devouring a lizard corpse. With Blair, unable to seemingly function at all, the party opts to rest a night in the gnomish chambers. Afterwards, they departed the tunnels