Purple Planet

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I Drank The Worm

Purple Planet Random Encounters

Underplateau Junkyard



Azi Dahaka ? Body-Swappers: Looking for the machine. "Have you seen the machine?" - a greeting to be answered with "it is to be found" Mushroom Lords -> Myconids Stone Lords -> Turned themselves to living stone


Mushroom Master

The characters encounter a wandering (and talking) mushroom. It is an ascended master, and is accompanied by 3d20+10 mushroom/kith hybrids

Hates Trillimites - calls them "Eaters of the Land"

Mushroom power: This plant feeds off the dead, spreading its roots through a corpse as if it were soil. Once it has spread through the entire body, the plant can control the corpse like a giant puppet. Leafy branches poke at random angles from the corpse as the plant slowly consumes it. Once ambulatory, the plant searches for other dead bodies to seed.

Favored Flora: Necromancer: In the social hierarchy of the plant kingdom, the plant-necromancer is a holy figure second only to the plant-cleric. The necromancer’s function is to return dead plants to the soil by burning to ash, the traditional funerary rite of all flora. The necromancer commands the dead to uproot and gather into a pyre on the soil to be enriched. The plant can also use this ability to marshal 1d10 dead trees, shrubs, or vines as guardians. The sight of wooden weapons, construction, and paper infuriates the necromancer. On its turn, the necromancer can make a DC 10 check to command a wood item to shatter or a paper scroll to cast its spell at a target of the plant’s choosing.

The “World-Shroom” is said to be the oldest living being on the Purple Planet. Perhaps it will grant the PCs a boon for a favor…

From Old Campaign

Living Fungus-Cacti The PCs encounter a group of walking cactus-like succulents. The creatures have low intelligence, but are capable of communication through changes in color. They are protected by sharp spines (as javelins).

Injured Death Orm The PCs find an injured (but seemingly dead) death orm

Demarax Demarax bewildered about greenstone shards; wants to eat them, and they're addictive to him like sugar. Gets cranky after they wear off.

AC 19; Atk tail +5 (1d8+2); Mv 15'; SA: Magic Missle 3x3/day, Crystal Storm; SD: Magic absorption (MR 90%); ML: Medium; Fort: +3; Ref: 0; Will: -2

Crystal Storm: save or 1d6: 1-2: Confused by questions for 1d4 rounds; 3-4: blinded by images of another world for 2d4 rounds; 5: blinks for 2d4 rounds; 6: summoned to prime material plane


• Underkith scout party (2d16 under kith, 1 champion, see 30', hear 100') ○ Searching for the House of the Houseless, where lost ascended masters await them to give their life meaning ○ Would ask of the party where they have been and what they have seen ○ Do not understand the Green Flow. Don't interact with it. To them it is like the rocks. ○ Underkith: Between kith and humans, pale flesh, hairless, blind bulging eyes, pinkish-white thin moist skin. ○ Speak a dialect of kith, kith lord can communicate telepathically in any language ○ May see party as source of food ○ Under-kith lord - Beautiful, violet eyes. True form: Wormlike, hairless, skulls covered in thin flesh, black eye sockets, sucker-like mouth ○ Unimpressed by party's sonic ship weapon, will kill on sight. • Escaping youthful descended master ○ Escaping from the Crystal Creche ○ Does not want to be assimilated, fears the Green Flow ○ Nameless, does not understand names ○ Curious about charged greenstone shards, recognises them as brethren, doesn't understand how they become charged. Knows only about uncharged ones ○ After absorbing 5 spell levels, he can recharge a relic like a greenstone shard ○ He is being hunted by 1-3 other Mature Descended Masters • Xrif (p 35) - attempts to burrow into a PC, will drive the PCs to not consume shards, and to find a whole greenstone ○ May leave after 8 points of stamina damage (or 4 HD of lay on hands) ○ Once party has 13+1d24 greenstone shards, urges them to move to the Pyramid of the Ancients ○ Pinch: 1d4 damage, -2 to all rolls for one turn ○ Worm -like creature covered in barbs, hooks and claws • Greenflow minion ○ Clone of Rolley before body swap

Crystal Crèche • Vast complex of birthing chambers, humming machinery, protoplasmic vats, birthing pods • Descended masters are nurtured from base genetic materials to new-birthed adults • Green Flow is pervasive here • Unguarded, and descended masters don't understand threats • One large building. Long tunnel down to the Cavern of the Under-Sun

Sotark the Destroyer • Biological weapon of long lost House Memniscene

Quests/Points of Interest

• Howling Stones: Where do the tunnels in the mouth lead? • Green gelatinous river underground • Reconcile with the underkith and help them find their ascended master • Acquire a greenstone gem for Zhirh: Heads of Cotcyst and Reagan'Tor each have one • Donate more DNA to Zhirh and her tribe • Pit of Worms • Cotcyst headquarters: Somewhere in the western wastes • Reagan'Tor headquarters: Mobile, smoking; seen last in eastern wastes • Assault the raider fortress in weirdspace (astral plane)

Notes from ZIM:

Purple Planet

Created þriðjudagur 24 nóvember 2020


Purple Planet / D&D: How can one seek immortality? Reagan Tor: carbon nanites Cotcyst: Brains perserved on robotic androids



Forched march: -2 Exploring hex (1/2 speed): +2 Flying: +1



3 - Storm (dust) 4 - Ambush! 5 - Scouts 6 - Raiders (near) 7 - Death Orm 8 - Gribb 9 - No encounter 10 - No encounter 11 - No encounter 12 - Raiders (distant) 13 - Battle! 14 - Roll on Relics table

Company of the Black Queen

Nam-knir, the Black Queen: Init +3; Atk paired plasma torches +6 melee (1d16+4) or death ray +2 ranged (1d5 + DC 10 Fort save to avoid disintegration); AC 15; HD 6d12+10; hp 46; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SV Fort +3, Ref +0, Will +3; AL L.

Champion Eunuchs: Init +2; Atk spiked club +4 melee (1d6+4) or spear +0 ranged (1d8+4); AC 13; HD 3d12+6; hp 40; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SP DC 10 Ref save to take attack on Queen; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0; AL L.

Riders of the Wastes

Pol-el the Old: Init +0; Atk spiked club +4 melee (1d10+4 dmg) or death ray +2 ranged (1d5 dmg + DC 10 Fort save to avoid disintegration); AC 17; HD 5d12+10; hp 52; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SV Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +3; AL C.

Typical Rider: Init +2; Atk lance +3 melee (1d12+3) or jav- elin +0 ranged (1d6+3); AC 15; HD 3d12+6; hp 35; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +3, Ref +2, Will +0; AL L.

Servants to the Cauldron

The Pontip: Init +0; Atk plasma-tipped staff +0 melee (1d14); AC 9; HD 6d12+10; hp 32; MV 25’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +2, Ref -1, Will +5; AL L.

Zealot: Init +2; Atk claw +2 melee (1d3+2) or flail +0 melee (1d8); AC 10; HD 2d12+6; hp 18; MV 30’; Act 1d20; SV Fort +2, Ref +1, Will +3; AL L.

Devotess of the Negnib

Holy Sites

Black Redoubt

Cutting Hills

Ghost River of Varnasu

The Howling Stones

The Maze of Rh'ick-Ull