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Name Al Lvl Class Patron Occupation Luck Int Languages Notes Shards  
Gokhal N 2 Ranger   Df Herder 9/9 13 Dwf;Dryad;Myconid Enmity: Sentient Plants, Dwarfs 0  
Eusceo L 4 Cleric Aristemis Fortune Teller 15/15 15 Common, Demonic   0  
WarFire L 5 D Priest Loptir Df Apothecarist 19/19 9 Dwarf   1  
Mick C 4 Elf Ithha Sage 9/9 16 UpperCommon,Elf,Gnoll,Chaos,Demon,Angel,Ælusian Eleanor 0  
Irio C 4 Wizard   Con Artist 14/14 13 Hgob,Demon,Gnoll,Angel,Law,Elf,Kith   2  
Ute C 4 Warrior   Smuggler 15/15 15 Common   0  
Axe N 3 Thief   Elven Forester 12/12 Thieves' Cant        
Ködel C 2 Cleric Ahriman Trapper 14/14 13   Azur Serpent Blade 0  
Alizeh N 3 Ælusian   Potter 11/11 Ælusian,Kith,Centaur Staff of Rozvankee   0  
Fritsu       Carnifex           0  
Miss Ecky C 4 Cleric Hidden Lord Fortune Teller 16/16 10 Chaos,Demon,Angel      
Blair C 3 Thief   Radish Farmer 14/14 Common        
Elkin N 4 Elf Elf King Elven Forester 13/13 Elf;Half;UndCommon        
Symas N 0     Dwarven Outlaw 10/10 Dwarven Hired to carry ash tree      
Zofna N 2 Ranger   Hunter 12/12 Elven Member of Verdent Guild      
Not A Goat N                    
Ecix C 2 Gnome   Gnome Entertainer 14/14 Gnom;Elf;Dwf;Kobold Scar of World Turtle      
Gino N 3 Wizard Azi Dakaha Alchemist 13/13 Neut;BugBr;Harpy Familiar: Teerin Honorfist      
Adinyat N 0     Hunter 9/9   Devoted follower of Gino      



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